All good things must come to an end. I was bummed that I ran out of time and energy to do more of the challenges. Had a little talking to myself, because my urge was to push through and git ‘er done. But that takes away the creativity and enjoyment. So I let it go. I look forward to coming back to it down the road and trying some of the other techniques.

And I really need more flower stamps.

Here are my creations.

The End-Elmont

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PTI-SAF-2016-Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists, and I learned some new things about his life, especially his connection to the church.

I need to practice ink blending, I’m not very good at it. And make-up sponge trees! I can’t wait to play with both of these techniques again. And it turned out just fine.

Starry Sky-Elmont

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PTI-SAF2016-Gilded in Gold

This was a fun challenge to do, especially since I recently saw Woman in Gold about a painting by Gustav Klimt. I highly recommend it.

I was going to get the gold leaf but then Danielle said we could use any gold medium. And so started the adventure! I managed to not be able to cut an already embossed piece of paper. I think it’s because the die was too delicate, because Jennifer McGuire does it all the time. I had some other paint, but it turned out to be a glaze, and mainly dry. Then finally, I found I had a gold ink pad. Whew! It started out as a shaker card but there were some mess ups there too, so it went to a flat card.

And one of my favorite Make It Market Kits.

Gold- Elmont

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PTI-SAF2016-Master Color Recipes

Nichole shared a wonderful video about an artist named Sargam Griffin and how and why she creates. Such a perfect fit for this day.

This challenge takes it’s inspiration from the Masters. I chose Poppies, by Claude Monet. Because those are my colors. Love them.

I’m also trying to use sets I have never used, or used rarely. I want to be a stamper, not a buyer! Ha!


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Welcome to Papertrey Ink Stamp-A-Faire 2016. The theme is Masters, so much gorgeous art!

The first challenge was to share one of our own masterpieces. I looked through my archives and this card caught my eye. It was fun to make and I still really like it. I made it for the PTI Anniversary 2015.

PTI Elmont-7

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PTI MIM Score Lines

Laurie showed us a cool idea that she uses often. I have admired it but not tried it yet.

Once again I’m sliding in at the last moment.

I have a friend who needed some thank-you notes so this was a perfect chance to take care of both. I made 4 and it went rather quickly.

Elmont- PTI-MIM 244

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Papertrey Ink-Make It Monday-Ombre Stenciled Backgrounds

Betsy used some of the new stencils that PTI just came out with and showed an idea for making cool backgrounds with them. I have a growing collection of stencils and really need to start using them. (I could say that for a lot of my collections! Ha!) I’m excited about PTI’s because as usual, they come out with different styles.

I don’t have any of theirs yet, so used one from My Favorite Things. And the stamps set from the last Stamp-A-Faire, Fashion Sense, which is a set I have reached for several times. It’s a fun one!

Also my favorite color combo of greens and lavenders.

Elmont-Ombre stencils

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PTI MIM #240 Watercolor Resist with Rubber Cement

This week Lexi showed us a fun technique for using rubber cement to resist the color. I ended up watching the video twice, once earlier this week and then when I went to do it I had to get a refresher. My little mind was going with ideas for other patterns besides lines.

So I pulled out my stencils and a spatula and went to town. On the first layer I did polka dots, and then for the next 2 layers I did swirls of cement. I like the polka dots in the back. Actually the rubber cement worked pretty well for this. Though I rushed to wash my stencil and that didn’t work. So it’s waiting to be rolled off. Since rubber cement isn’t very thick I just put it on evenly and it worked great.

Made some Ruby Rose flowers and a Wet Paint greeting on a polka dot, Melon Berry background and I’m done.

Elmont-Rubber Cement

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Papertrey Ink-MIM #214-Stamping with Neutrals

I just had to stop and think as I typed #214. This means the PTI gals have come up with 214 different techniques. Wow! They are amazing and I so appreciate Nichole, Jane, Julie and the whole team.

This week Dawn showed us Stamping with Neutrals. My card came together pretty quickly. I’ve only used this flower and leaf from Rosie Posie a couple times so thought I would let it shine as another neutral, the green, and the pop of color. A sentiment from Everyday Button Bits finished it off.

A little side story about Everyday Button Bits. That set was my introduction to PTI. I saw it in Paper Crafts magazine, and it was one of the first sets I bought. Some other firsts were On My Couch, Fly Away, and a big favorite, Enjoy the Ride. While I have used these sets a lot I haven’t done much with Everyday Button Bits. I need to change that, do more then use a sentiment. I hope the team looks back at it sometime, would be fun to see what else they combine with it. And with those sets I have been a PTI follower ever since.

And here is my card:

Elmont-MIM #214

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Papertrey Ink #212- Cool Condensation Effects

This week Betsy showed us how to make cool condensation effects on our cards with Glossy Accents. She also used The Friendship Jar sets. I didn’t have anything else besides flowers to work with for this. Have I mentioned that The Friendship Jar series is still one of my favorites?

I thought a nice jar of cold lemonade sounded good as we are having a heat wave here in Portland, OR. We don’t typically have this heat right now. This Colorado girl loves it, though I must confess as I get older I am thankful for my AC.

I also dipped into my MIM Kit for the paper.


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